Imaginary Ecologies

Wandering through the forests on the lookout for encounters, I come upon a multitude of things and beings with which we share the same ground. Woods, grasses, fungi, bones, stones have existed in complex relationships with each other since infinite times, independent of our human perception. But to relate to and to imagine these forces seems to have never been so difficult and has immediate consequences for the health of the planet. From the perspective of the ecological crisis, it is now clear that our relationship to the environment is outdated and that new understandings need to be established for a sustainable future. By opening up an imaginary perspective, and actively looking out for other beings of the phenomenal world, a broad willingness for dialogue opens up. In my work, I participate in the endless relations of beings and objects I find. From these encounters I create photographic spaces to imaginarily engage in a more-than-human world and to re-search the common embeddedness of all potential beings.